Green Paving Solutions


Permeable (also known as pervious or porous pavement) defines the method of paving a surface so that it allows the flow of water through it. This allows storm water to filter through the soil below the paved surface, preventing the numerous environmental issues associated with water runoff.

Why use permeable pavement or “Green Paving Solutions”?

First, you can save energy. Solar reflective coatings are just one example of how Green Paving Solutions help save energy.  Solar reflective coatings are designed for heat reduction of parking surfaces.  The product is formulated with infrared reflective pigments to reduce solar absorption, increase reflectance and, ultimately, reduce cooling costs.

Additionally, the use of warm-mix asphalt versus hot-mix asphalt, a difference in temperature during production of up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, cuts fuel consumption, decreases the production of greenhouse gases, and reduces emissions.

Second, reduce pollution and waste. There are recycled alternatives to both concrete and asphalt which, when utilized, conserve resources and reduce waste.  For example, the use of fly ash – a recovered resource – reduces depletion of natural resources.  It also reduces the energy-intensive manufacturing of other concrete ingredients, leading to savings in both energy usage and emissions of greenhouse gases.

Third, mitigate storm water management issues. Permeable pavers, pervious concrete, and porous asphalt alike are three different types of porous systems, which provide alternative solutions to storm water management.  Each promotes filtration and acts as on-site retention.

Lastly, qualify for LEED credits (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). A LEED®-certified building can qualify for tax rebates, zoning allowances, and other city incentives.  In addition to the many financial benefits of LEED® certification, LEED®-certified buildings provide a healthier and safer environment for occupants.

Alternatives such as pervious concrete, solar reflective coatings and permeable paver bricks are environmentally friendly options which are also LEED® compliant.

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A water truck demonstrates how porous pavement at the right drains quickly, while water stands on the conventional pavement at the left