Seawall construction/Renovations


Seawalls are the most important part of your waterfront property. In order to maintain your property value, you must secure and maintain your seawall. We stress the importance of maintaining your seawall which will prevent you the costly repairs or replacement in the future. If you notice a loss of soil, cracking, sinking or rotation of your seawall cap, it is imperative that you have your seawall repaired. We specialize in repairing or replacing all types of walls, such as coral rock, aluminum, concrete, steel sheet pile, vinyl and wood walls.

Seawall construction is the best way to limit the amount of upland erosion or protect your property from powerful storms. Once you have determined that seawall construction is necessary, we can help you with designing, permitting and building. With today’s weather patterns being so harsh, any structure must be able to withstand Mother Nature’s abuse. Our experts will examine your site and its topography, embedment stability, grading, soil properties and other elements to design the strongest seawall possible.

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Sawfish Bay Park - Alt A1A Jupiter Florida Seawall Construction 


Sawfish Bay Park Seawall Construction Completion.