Shoreline Hardening


 Erosion can wash your backyard away gradually from normal conditions or suddenly during a storm. We investigate the root cause and all of the contributing factors then come up with the best options for you to save your property. In some cases the task is straight forward and in others the situation requires careful engineering. We deliver results that will armor your shoreline and protect your investment.

Not only do we help protect property, but Sunshine Land Design. Inc. has assisted coastal communities with protecting the habitats of many species of plants and animals dependent upon the beaches, dunes, and near-shore waters. When called upon to do so Sunshine Land Design has the equipment, experience and manpower needed to protect, preserve or restore Florida’s beautiful coastline.

Weather your need is to protect your home by the water or the gorgeous coastlines of Florida call Sunshine Land Design, Inc for a free consultation for your Shoreline Hardening needs.


South Causway -Ft. Pierce, Florida (Shoreline Hardening) 

Twin Rivers- Rocky Point, Martin County